Bear Island

Hiking to Bear Island

without getting wet

Check tidal data using
scan the QR Code.

Low tide heights below 1.5m are best; sand bar will not dry at 2m or above.

Example: Low tide 4:19pm at 1.2m. Sand bar could be dry as early as 3:20pm, creating a 2 hour total hiking time.

Map of how to get to Bear Island
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Live Tidal Data

Bear in Mind:

General rule: to maximize hiking time, follow the tide out; mid-bar, determine the time difference to low tide; double it; return to Point A within the calculated total time.
Keep track of your hiking time carefully!

  • be aware that wind conditions can affect tidal ranges
  • constantly check your time, before and after low tide
  • the water temperature is cold, don’t get wet!

You assume full responsibility for your safety if you choose to hike to Bear Island using the Map/Tide charts provided here; you do so at your own risk  and the Smith’s Cove Historical Society shall not have any liability in that regard.